The graphic arts industry is constantly faced with new challenges. Online printers have set new standards for the price of printed matter. More than ever, commercial print shops are forced to produce cost-effectively with lean and flexible processes.

Bookbinding shops are covered by digitization. As long as information is still printed and processed into a touching product, craftsmanship, translated into state-of-the-art industrial production, is still in demand. Ever smaller runs and lower margins make it necessary to minimize your own costs through lean and flexible processes.

Fast support

There is no waiting loop when you call us. We are also happy to help you immediately via remote access and support directly at your workplace.

Innovative ideas

We are constantly improving our software. Every click counts – less is more!

Progressive technology

The best technique is the one you don't see. We make sure that your software installation is always up-to-date.

Always in dialogue

We always have an open ear for improvement requests. We are only satisfied when you are.


fast and easy calculation

Intelligent support for error prevention in the calculation of complex products.

Exact calculation, based on production time values, with a complete list of technical performance values.

production planning and -control

everything at a glance. clear and structured.

mobile dashboard

Information and Your to-dos at a glance

What is RSK?

RSK software is a modular ERP package for the graphic arts industry and supports Your company in the digitization and automation of its order processing. Time and costs for order processing are reduced by RSK-Software.

Value proposition

lower error rate

better information

less manpower required

can be operated without expert knowledge

increased efficiency

automated processes


continuous improvement

reduction of costs

consulting- and IT philosophy

"Solve every task in as few steps as possible."

"Our goal is the optimal support of our customers by the means of the standardization and stabilization of work processes."

Hubert Höger

CEO, datamedia GmbH

"Many years of experience and consulting expertise help us, to develop innovative technical and business software for the graphic arts industry."

Hubert Höger

CEO, datamedia GmbH

"Automatic workflows reduce the workload of your employees."

Hubert Höger

CEO, datamedia GmbH

You produce – we take care of your IT

We also offer our entire software package – for printing and bookbinding shops – in a managed cloud hosting package. We provide you with a powerful server with the RSK program package, which simply grows with the growth of your business – without worrying about new expensive hardware or long time down-times.

Anytime up-to-date software

Take advantage of the Managed Cloud Hosting Package and benefit from the automatic program updates. You always work with the latest version of our programs.

Your data is in good hands

Data protection and data security are important criteria when it comes to the cloud. Therefore, our cloud hosting is based exclusively on servers operated in Germany in state-of-the-art data centers. In order to be able to intercept technical defects, we make sure that your data is backed up as scheduled. Of course, we also provide these backups on Your own storage.

Free demo version

In case, that this sounds interesting to You, just contact us, and ask for the free cloud demo. Test our program for a couple of days. Of course, our team is at your disposal if you have any questions.

customer references

The estimating module of RSK-Software has been helping us to make good business decisions since years. RSK-Software was able to accompany all changes in our industry as a partner through constant adaptions."

-Thomas Freitag

CEO, Bubu AG

"Since we replaced our old time clocks with RSK's shop floor collecting , the needed information is always up-to-date on a daily basis and our employees are happy to check their hourly account by themselves in the evening."

-Julia Schomaker

CEO, Schomaker GmbH & Co. KG

"In addition to excellent software, support is always important when choosing a system. Even special requirements are implemented quickly and competently. We are very satisfied with RSK."

Michael Schmidl

CEO, Schmidl & Rotaplan Druck GmbH

"We use RSK software in the cloud and are very satisfied. It even allows us to work on the go on an iPad Pro."

"How do you calculate an order in 30 seconds? This is only possible with well-structured software!"


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