As a modern and field-proven industry software, RSK-Software covers a broad requirement profile for the business and technical control of companies in the graphic arts industry. RSK-Software is designed as standard software that could become a tailor-made ERP system for every company through individual adaptations. Due to its modular structure, the software grows with the requirements. Customers of RSK-Software are well-known printers and bookbinders from various countries. RSK-Software modules allow access to internal functions through interfaces and are the building blocks for workflow, automation and integration.

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Package - Basic


Customer Information System

Customer information is basic to the CRM function. With RSK-KIS, the contact details of interested parties, customers or suppliers are comprehensively described. The collected customer information is the basis for sales, pricing policy, order processing. Every customer conversation begins with the retrieval of this information.




Calculations are made with a few inputs that describe the end-product. RSK-VK finds the optimal production route conveniently and in seconds on the basis of the existing production technology. Six tiered hourly rates help transform manufacturing costs to price offer.


Order Management System

All project documents are archived in a well-structured manner in the control centre for quotation and order processing. With RSK-AMS, all project documents can be processed, from quotation to invoice. Order and follow-up cockpits create the ideal work situation.



RSK-NK manages the accounting of order data, cost center and personnel data. The recorded services are automatically included in the ongoing post-calculation, in industry-typical key performance indicators and in relevant business evaluations.

Package - Extended

incl. the modules of the basic-package


Cockpit for your daily startup

RSK-HOME clearly displays the day-to-day business with the system start. The tasks of order-processing are created by automatic reaction to events, triggered by Your work.


Material Stock Management and Procurement

The stored depth of information determines, how material is handled in RSK-Software. Depending on that, inventory data, material deliveries and withdrawals are recorded in the system and automatically evaluated in reports. FSC-material balances are reported separately.


Factory Data Capture

RSK-BDE records the start and end of an operation, good quantities as well as the use of materials. Order logbook, remarks and qualitative additional statements on production, assistance and downtimes complete the picture. The on-screen electronic job-ticket and job sequence provide strong production control.


incl. the modules of the extended-package


Mobile Dashboard

The management dashboard is a flexible and individually composable executive information with key performance indicators about your customers and Your own company – both in-house and for mobile use.


Production Planning and Control

It is our conviction that only an intelligent and self-controlling electronic planning board can solve the planning-task in a satisfying way. Due to the ever-increasing installation of job automation technologies, the expansion of IT networking into the production department is necessary and almost standard. On this basis, the RSK modules VK, PPS and BDE are closely connected.



The Workflow Manager monitors the company-specific set of rules. Automatic workflows based on processing steps, events and status queries perform defined routine work.


Finished Goods Warehouse

RSK-FL handles the entire logistics with inventory management and creates the accompanying documents. Lay times (warehouse rent) are billed based on the daily determined storage space occupancy per article. Optionally, the message types DELFOR, DESADV and INVOIC of the EDIFACT standard are supported.


Wage Times

With today's variety of shift and working time models, our automated solution converts attendance times into wage data.


Planning, Success Planning and Control

The overall plan consists of detailed plans. With BUDGET, the company's own cost rates can be calculated according to the method of full cost accounting or according to the method of output cost accounting.


For more information, please download the RSK-brochure.

Well advised right from the start! We accompany you on the way

We are very familiar with the requirements of the graphic arts industry. Many years of experience in software development and the successful cooperation with our customers and the associations of the graphic arts industry make us conversation partners for your wishes.

Software modules from our module library, carefully adapted to each other, are the building-blocks for solutions, tailored to the requirements of a wide variety of companies. When installing RSK-Software, you will receive our comprehensive support and competent advice. Our team of consultants accompanies you in setting up your organization and later in improving your business processes.

We are happy to answer your questions about the optimal use of RSK Software.

Planning and Control

One of the essential foundations for the economic success of a company is the planning of targets for production, distribution, sales, income and expenses.

Intuition and gut feeling are no longer enough. Without planning, corporate goals and economic stability cannot be achieved. Successful corporate management starts with corporate planning,

Together with us, introduce your tailor-made system of planning, management and control. The basis for entrepreneurial decisions is thus significantly improved.


Is it possible, to rent just single modules?

Yes, individual modules can be rented.

The basic-package includes:

  • Customer Information System
  • Estimating
  • Order Management System
  • Post-Calculation

The extended package also includes the following modules:

  • Material Stock Management and Procurement und
  • Factory Data Capture

The Professional package also contains the following modules in addition to all the modules mentioned:

  • Production Planning and Control und
  • Wage Times

The extension with more modules is possible at any time.

Does RSK-Software support material procurement without an order?

Yes, you can also order material without creating an order costing. You order this order via the web-based RSK Warehouse module. Here, too, the system automatically takes into account the supplier-specific minimum order quantities. Here you can also call up an order history. This provides you with an overview of all orders placed. Each order can also be cancelled there at the click of a mouse.

Is it possible to order material while estimating?

Yes, you can select the desired material directly during the calculation. By connecting to the Zaikio ordering platform, we deliver the current availability and live prices directly back to the system. When you create an order costing, a requirement is automatically created that can be included in the next collective order. The program automatically responds to minimum order quantities.

A collective order can be created from all planned production dates. This takes into account shortages and orders materials on time. You can also filter your order individually by supplier and period.

Which products can be calculated?

RSK software can calculate all products of the graphic arts industry. The software is aimed primarily at commercial printers, bookbinders and folding carton manufacturers. However, our team can also add other individual products or manufacturing techniques to the program.

How quickly do I get an appointment for a free demo via video conference?

In the case of an inquiry, we can usually arrange an individual appointment for an online demo in a timely manner. You are welcome to let us know in advance which package/module you are interested in, then we can prepare for your wishes and requirements.

How many editions can be calculated in the new Estimate?

So far, up to five editions can be calculated. From 2022 onwards, the requirements in the new preliminary calculation should in principle be unlimited.

Is it possible to create a new machine independently?

Yes, new machines can easily be created yourself. Under the item Service catalog in the preliminary costing, the required master data, the technical data, set-up times, etc. are queried for this.

For example, if a new folding machine is purchased, a similar folding machine can be copied independently in the system. You can then independently adjust performance values and hourly rates.

For the new installation of a new machine in a non-existent work area, you need the support of our team.

What version of RSK-Software is needed to connect the system to the Zaikio procurement-platform?

The current version of 2021 is required. We are happy to advise you at any time for an individual upgrade.

Is RSK software also designed for lettershop activities?

Yes, RSK software is also designed for lettershop activities.

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The basic package (Customer information system, Estimate, Order management system, and Recalculation) of our software is available as a demo version.

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    What you need!

    Preconditions for installation


    • Workstations: starting from Windows 10 (64 Bit operating system)
    • Server: starting from Windows server 2012 R2.
    • As a database for RSK software, we use the free Microsoft SQL Server Express. (Limit 10GB database size, one CPU, 1GB RAM).
    • For word processing, we use Microsoft Word from version 2010 SP1.


    Informations about integration and interfaces


    • For the email sending of PDF documents from the application we use PDFMailer from gotomaxx.
    • We use DAVID from Tobit Software to send faxes from the application.
    • As a communication server, we support
      • DAVID by Tobit Software
      • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with or without TAPI driver.
    • Interfaces to standard software
      • EDI FACT connection (DELFOR, DESADV, INVOIC)
      • GS1-128 Transport Labels
      • FIBU interfaces (Abacus, DATEV, HS-Software, SAGE, VARIAL, …)
      • Payroll interfaces (Abacus, DATEV, HS-Software, SAGE, VARIAL, ...)
      • Microsoft-Office-Integration