Is it possible, to rent just single modules?

Yes, individual modules can be rented.

Das ERP-Standard-Paket besteht aus:

  • Customer Information System
  • Estimating
  • Order Management System
  • Post-Calculation
  • Finished Goods Warehouse
  • Material Stock Management and Procurement
  • Home
  • Report Center
  • Admin

Das ERP-Professional-Paket umfasst zusätzlich die Module:

  • Workflow 
  • Mobile Dashboard
  • Beriebsdatenerfassung
  • Production Planning and Control

Das ERP-Complete-Paket enthält zu allen genannten Modulen zusätzlich noch die Module:

  • Wage Times und
  • Budget

The extension with more modules is possible at any time.

Does RSK-Software support material procurement without an order?

Yes, you can also order material without creating an order costing. You order this order via the web-based RSK Warehouse module. Here, too, the system automatically takes into account the supplier-specific minimum order quantities. Here you can also call up an order history. This provides you with an overview of all orders placed. Each order can also be cancelled there at the click of a mouse.

Is it possible to order material while estimating?

Yes, you can select the desired material directly during the calculation. By connecting to the Zaikio ordering platform, we deliver the current availability and live prices directly back to the system. When you create an order costing, a requirement is automatically created that can be included in the next collective order. The program automatically responds to minimum order quantities.

A collective order can be created from all planned production dates. This takes into account shortages and orders materials on time. You can also filter your order individually by supplier and period.

Which products can be calculated?

RSK software can calculate all products of the graphic arts industry. The software is aimed primarily at commercial printers, bookbinders and folding carton manufacturers. However, our team can also add other individual products or manufacturing techniques to the program.

How quickly do I get an appointment for a free demo via video conference?

In the case of an inquiry, we can usually arrange an individual appointment for an online demo in a timely manner. You are welcome to let us know in advance which package/module you are interested in, then we can prepare for your wishes and requirements.

How many editions can be calculated in the new Estimate?

So far, up to five editions can be calculated. From 2022 onwards, the requirements in the new preliminary calculation should in principle be unlimited.

Is it possible to create a new machine independently?

Yes, new machines can easily be created yourself. Under the item Service catalog in the preliminary costing, the required master data, the technical data, set-up times, etc. are queried for this.

For example, if a new folding machine is purchased, a similar folding machine can be copied independently in the system. You can then independently adjust performance values and hourly rates.

For the new installation of a new machine in a non-existent work area, you need the support of our team.

What version of RSK-Software is needed to connect the system to the Zaikio procurement-platform?

The current version of 2021 is required. We are happy to advise you at any time for an individual upgrade.

Is RSK software also designed for lettershop activities?

Yes, RSK software is also designed for lettershop activities.